Nice to meet you, I am

Roman Jauch

// Designer and creative thinker from Zurich


// What I am good at

I am good at Responsive-, Dynamic-, Web-design, UX Design, UI Design, Graphic Design, Brand Design, Layouting, Network Setup & Photogrpahy.

I enjoy doing creative work and provide high quality, satisfactory, digital solutions to you as my customer.

Ps: If you didn't understand anything from the above. Yes you want all of it ;) 


About Me

// Personal stuff here...

I am a creative freelancer based in Zurich, Switzerland.
With quite some experience in the tools I use and work with, I make sure to produce stunning results. As a freelancer I am constantly on the look for new, exciting and challenging projects that I can take on.
Client is king, that’s why I tailor the services I offer to you as a client in order to provide you with the result that suits your needs. 

Hit me up and we can talk about your crazy idea :-D

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